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“Revenue-IQ understands what customers want."
— Jeff Clark, V.P. Sales, Weiser Security Services

If you’re new here, consider subscribing via RSS feed.For sales proposals, looks count. The visual design of proposals can say as much about your firm’s offer as Parisian haute couture does about […]

#1 Sales Silver Bullet

by Chris Arlen on December 18, 2014

Everyone wants a single selling solution with maximum effectiveness: the sales silver bullet. So, if you had to pick one area of sales for a silver bullet, would it be: * Cold calling for […]

Best of 2014

by Chris Arlen on December 10, 2014

2014 and things happened in the world; I won’t try to sum it up, way beyond me. But business was good for us. And  relationships with clients and peers were enjoyable and valuable: getting smart things done. We hope […]

Writing for Sales

by Chris Arlen on November 11, 2014

Most sales writing is crappy. It shouldn’t be but it is. Any written communication to customers during the sales cycle such as emails, letters, proposals, presentations are forms of sales writing. And almost every instance one […]