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Sales consulting to facility service contractors


Sell More Contracts & Retain the Ones You Want

Revenue-IQ helps you win large contracts more often. Our collaborative engagements combine your customer knowledge with our industry expertise.

As a result, you raise win ratios, revenue, and overall sales capabilities.


ounded in 1996 by Chris Arlen, Revenue-IQ clients include many of North America’s top facility service contractors, such as:

  • Able Services
  • ABM
  • Allied Universal Security
  • Bee-Clean Building Maintenance
  • C&W Services
  • Compass Group Canada
  • Dexterra
  • GDI Integrated Facility Services
  • Harvard Maintenance
  • Marsden Services
  • Securiguard
  • Securitas
  • Securitas Critical Infrastructure Services
  • Service by Medallion
  • Star Protection Agency

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Industry-specific consulting experience

Lead Consultant

Chris Arlen started Revenue-IQ to improve contractors’ sales capabilities and share lessons learned from more than 20 years consulting with security, janitorial, engineering and other facility contractors. Prior to consulting, Chris was the VP of Sales & Marketing for ABM.


• MS, Management, Antioch University Seattle
• BA, Theater Arts, California State University of Sacramento


• BSCAI annual convention & various webinars
• ISSA Interclean International convention
• Salt River Project, Energy Efficiency Alliance Conference
• Various client seminars 

  • “Chris Arlen helps contractors articulate persuasive proposal narratives that get customers to take action and sign.”

    Marc Collings
    Marc Collings VP, Marketing, Varsity Facility Services

It’s a privilege to work with industry leaders


Frequently Asked Questions


Since you work in my industry, how do I know you won’t share my information?

First, we sign a legally binding Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) guaranteeing our confidentiality.

Second, we’ve been consulting to the facility service industry for more than 20 years. We could only continue to do that by maintaining the highest degree of confidentiality.

Lastly, we live by the same ethical considerations you do when you have customers who compete against each other.

I don’t know what consulting I need. How would I find out?

That’s easy; the first step is to talk. We’ll ask about your business issues, goals and your current situation.

If we can help, we’ll take the next step. We may ask to review your materials, after which we’ll develop a consulting proposal at no cost to you. We’ll define our deliverables, schedule and fees. At that point you decide the next step.

How do we work together if you’re not local?

We work with clients throughout North America, from Seattle to Boston, Florida, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Houston, Vancouver B.C. and Toronto, Canada.

When appropriate we work remotely using web meetings, teleconferencing, email, and a secure collaborative web service (Basecamp).

We avoid thousands of dollars in travel expenses and, as importantly, use your time judiciously.

What are your qualifications?

Chris Arlen, President of Revenue-IQ, brings more than 20 years consulting, selling and marketing facility contracts on a national and regional basis. Chris holds a Masters Degree in Management from Antioch University. Past positions include:

  • Vice President of Sales & Marketing – ABM Security Services
  • Regional Dir. of Sales & Marketing – ABM Janitorial Services
  • Vice President – Southern California Janitorial Contractor
  • Material Logistics Manager (Soccer) – 1984 Los Angeles Olympics Organizing Committee

Having lived the life of a facility service salesperson, Chris is committed to successfully helping contractors sell smarter and gain richer results.

As salesman and consultant, he has bid on tens of thousands of HPW and millions of square feet for contracting firms to facilities such as:

  • Commercial office space
  • Corporate campuses
  • High-tech & biotech manufacturing facilities
  • Retail banks
  • Food processing plants
  • K-12 schools, colleges & universities
How do you charge for services?


Typically, we charge on an hourly basis — we use QuickBooks timing software for exact tracking.

At the time we give you our proposal (no cost to you), you’ll receive an estimated cost for the entire project.

And when a project is easily scoped, we can provide a fixed consulting  fee.

Travel, image, video, and audio purchases are all billed additionally.

How do I get an estimate?

That’s easy; the first step is to talk. We’ll ask about your business issues, goals and your current situation.

If we can help, we’ll sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA), either ours or yours. We’ll then ask to review your materials. After this review we’ll develop our proposal at no cost to you. We’ll define our deliverables, schedule and fees. At that point you decide the next step.

Will an estimate cost me anything?

All estimates are at no cost to you.

Infrequently there are times when the consulting project is to define a project. In those cases, we’ll request an hourly fee to define the project, and give you an estimate for the number of hours we think it’ll take.

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Recommended reading

Good Reads

There’s a lot of “How to do something” reading out there, which is perfect if you’re looking to solve a particular problem – mine included “(How to Write a Sales Plan)“.

Then there are books that show us how the world works. They help us understand the behavior of individuals, organizations and consumers. Here are a few of those books (all are affiliate links to Amazon.com).

Made to Stick

Made to Stick

by Chip Heath & Dan Heath

This is one of the best books I’ve come across for quite some time. It’s focused on stickiness, which I connect to persuasiveness and branding. So there are big insights here for selling, proposal writing and marketing.



 by Nancy Duarte

Slide:ology is a great book for slideshow design and graphics. Nancy Duarte’s book provides actionable guidance. This is an absolute required read.

Delivering Quality Service

Delivering Quality Service

by Valerie Zeithaml, A. Parasuraman and Leonard Berry

This is the go-to source for understanding how customers determine service quality. If you want to know how customers fundamentally judge service quality, read about it here.

Permission Marketing

Permission Marketing : Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Customers

by Seth Godin

Here’s the first recognition of the chase for customers’ attention in an information overloaded world, written in 1999. Today we  still just ignore ads rather than buy as our parents and grandparents might have.

The Long Tail

The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More

by Chris Anderson

The Internet made numbers king and The Long Tail followed those numbers to stand a basic business sales tenet on its head: more is no longer better. Selling to the smaller niche markets because there’s more of them out there.

The Fifth Discipline

The Fifth Discipline: The Art & Practice of The Learning Organization

by Peter Senge

While the subtitle addresses the learning organization, it’s an introduction to systems thinking. It takes the “when a butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil there’s a real estate boom in Iceland” idea and makes it rationally understandable.

Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage: Creating and Sustaining Superior Performance

by Michael Porter

If there’s only one academic text book you ever read, make it this one. There are two takeaways (among many others) that make this a most important read; the Value Chain and a 5-forces analysis.

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