Lowest Price, Technically Acceptable purchasing is a Toxic Leak

by Chris Arlen

“Lowest Price, Technically Acceptable (LPTA)” is a US government purchasing strategy that has leaked its way into where it doesn’t belong; buying complex services and/or products in the private sector. And like […]

click to continue → January 25, 2017

Buying Cycle – the 4 Stages of Receptiveness

by Chris Arlen

Sales reps traverse their way along the buying cycle; pushing, pulling, influencing buyers from one stage to the next, with the hopeful outcome a sale. During that journey reps must discover when […]

click to continue → August 23, 2012

They’ll Come Back. Oh No They Won’t!

by Chris Arlen

As sellers, we’d like to think that customers eventually see the error of their ways. Customers, being the customer, have the right to make bad buys. And they do, whether it’s recessionary […]

click to continue → February 27, 2012

We Are All Temps

by Chris Arlen

Salespeople are known to change jobs frequently. And there are millions of us with tentative tenure. In 2009 there were 16 million salespeople in the U.S. If we miss our numbers, have […]

click to continue → March 9, 2011