Contract Management

Playing by the Law: 1099s vs. Employees

by Chris Arlen

The beginning of 2011 finds me a little more ornery than normal. May be old age, or an unusually cold winter. Either way here’s a touchy topic and an ornery response. Suppliers […]

click to continue → January 7, 2011

5 Hard Knock Customer-Supplier Realities

by Chris Arlen

Try this brief exercise. Think about the most important lessons you’ve learned in life, the truly important ones. –> Now pick the most important one. Your most valuable lesson learned. Got it? […]

click to continue → November 18, 2010

The Value Picture: Surveying Both Sides

by Chris Arlen

Our Facility Service Value  survey went live on 4/1. This is an opportunity to better understand value in the minds of those who buy facility services, and compare that with those who […]

click to continue → April 3, 2009