Win more large service contracts – more often

The fastest way to grow revenue is to win more of the large bids you already have. This is a collection of posts that can help you do that.

34 points of light to boost your Business Acumen

by Chris Arlen

Business acumen is your keenness and quickness in understanding and dealing with a business situation. Here are 34 points of light that I wished I’d been taught when I first started my […]

click to continue → October 11, 2012

Selling Large Service Contracts to Big Companies

by Chris Arlen

Landing a large service contract with a big company is the holy grail to service contractors that don’t have them. Big deals have their upsides and down. Unfortunately service contractors don’t learn […]

click to continue → July 7, 2011

4 Prejudices Incumbents must Battle

by Chris Arlen

You’re the supplier of a large dollar service contract, successfully delivering for 3 or more years. Now it’s going out for rebid and, unfortunately as incumbent, you’re saddled with some heavy baggage. […]

click to continue → January 27, 2011