Sellers generally love to make presentations. Unfortunately most presentations fail to keep buyers’ awake, much less lead to a win. Here are several ways to make your presentations better – more interactive, compelling and persuasive – and deliver your desired outcomes.

Isn’t it Wonderful When Presentations are Conversations?

by Chris Arlen

If you ask 100 B2B sales reps how they feel about making presentations the vast majority will likely say they love giving them. Ask 100 customers how they feel about sitting through those presentations and they’ll […]

click to continue → August 2, 2016

Death in the Last Mile and Final Yards of Biz Dev

by Chris Arlen

Figuratively speaking, new business development for B2B can take hundreds of miles and several years to produce sales. It can take even longer and farther for large sales. And whatever the biz dev […]

click to continue → April 13, 2016

How to Win the Presentation Trifecta for More Sales

by Chris Arlen

In B2B sales presentations,  sales teams turn themselves inside out trying to impress customers. The Oscar for winning those performances is to reach the next and last step of the buying process; where sales teams and customers finalize negotiations […]

click to continue → November 19, 2015

Presentations are the Penultimate Sniff Test

by Chris Arlen

In B2B sales, supplier presentations are the next to last step (penultimate) before final contract negotiations. And “sniff test” isn’t a flattering description for such a crucial step in a buyer’s’ evaluation process. So, […]

click to continue → September 1, 2015