Sales Proposals

Sales proposals are the moment of truth when selling service contracts. No new revenue, profit or jobs are created until a sale is made, and in our world that occurs when a proposal is submitted by the seller and selected by the customer. Here are a number of posts that can help you win more of your sales proposals.

30 Reasons Why B2B Customers Didn’t Buy + X to the Nth Permutations

by Chris Arlen

It can get a bit old hearing B2B sales reps discuss why customers bought or didn’t buy. I’m speaking about outsourced services in general, where sales reps compete for large contracts bid […]

click to continue → February 15, 2017

5 Reasons Why Customers Hate to Read Your Sales Proposals

by Chris Arlen

There’s one moment of truth in every large B2B complex sale: when a proposal is submitted to an RFP (Request for Proposal). Until then, customers haven’t evaluated, decided, or bought anything. Up to that point, it’s only […]

click to continue → May 4, 2016

Death in the Last Mile and Final Yards of Biz Dev

by Chris Arlen

Figuratively speaking, new business development for B2B can take hundreds of miles and several years to produce sales. It can take even longer and farther for large sales. And whatever the biz dev […]

click to continue → April 13, 2016

Sales Fatigue: Meltdown at the Moment of Truth

by Chris Arlen

Selling is repetitive work. Regardless of methodology, reps do many of the same things over and over again. No wonder sales fatigue is inevitable. Fatigue can set in anytime, during early pipeline filling right […]

click to continue → February 29, 2016