Selling in the Contract Service World

Selling contract services is different.

Different because services are harder to get customers to understand. Different because the contract world requires coordinating buying and selling cycles – a difficult dance at best.

Here are a number of articles that can help make selling a little less painful, and hopefully more successful and enjoyable.

A Problematic Need: Suppliers Educating Customers

by Chris Arlen

Members in a number of LinkedIn groups recently have decried the overt salesy-ness that LinkedIn has become. And it’s true. From sock puppets to zombie posts, LinkedIn has become more brute force than quality conversation.

click to continue → July 7, 2015

The 57% That Changed Selling

by Chris Arlen

If ever there was one research fact that screamed to the world that “B2B selling” had been atomized and reassembled into a new animal, it is this: Today’s business buyers do not contact suppliers directly […]

click to continue → June 2, 2015

Sales Intel: 4 Painful Things You Need to Know

by Chris Arlen

Sales intel is supposed to be the intelligence that increases wins. But sales reps can never get enough of the good stuff to hit it out of the park with predictable certainty. That’s […]

click to continue → May 8, 2015

#1 Sales Silver Bullet

by Chris Arlen

Everyone wants a single selling solution with maximum effectiveness: the sales silver bullet. So, if you had to pick one area of sales for a silver bullet, would it be: * Cold calling for […]

click to continue → December 18, 2014