Selling in the Contract Service World

Selling contract services is different.

Different because services are harder to get customers to understand. Different because the contract world requires coordinating buying and selling cycles – a difficult dance at best.

Here are a number of articles that can help make selling a little less painful, and hopefully more successful and enjoyable.

Writing for Sales

by Chris Arlen

Most sales writing is crappy. It shouldn’t be but it is. Any written communication to customers during the sales cycle such as emails, letters, proposals, presentations are forms of sales writing. And almost every instance one […]

click to continue → November 11, 2014

3 Steps to Sales Creativity

by Chris Arlen

Sales require creativity. Not at Picasso’s level but creativity none the less. And not creativity for the sake of creativity —  not sales people pulling wild ideas out of the air and throwing them […]

click to continue → October 28, 2014

A Presidential Strategy for Selling

by Chris Arlen

“Don’t do stupid stuff.” President Obama’s approach to US foreign policy is more insightful than it first sounds. Think about it. In a world where there are 1,000s of choices to make, and […]

click to continue → September 16, 2014

Buyers’ Receptiveness – How to Join Their Conversations

by Chris Arlen

What’s the best way to join a conversation if you’re a seller and want to talk with a buyer? Some say “Never. They’ll contact you”. Others say “All the time – continually throw it against […]

click to continue → August 21, 2014