Selling in the Contract Service World

Selling contract services is different.

Different because services are harder to get customers to understand. Different because the contract world requires coordinating buying and selling cycles – a difficult dance at best.

Here are a number of articles that can help make selling a little less painful, and hopefully more successful and enjoyable.

A Compelling Sales Narrative

by Chris Arlen

Making a sale can hang on a single question: “How compelling is your story to your customer?” A compelling sales narrative should be baked into customer conversations, written or spoken. It’s the […]

click to continue → October 18, 2013

3 Do-or-Die Points in Every Sale

by Chris Arlen

In most of the sales cycle you can make mistakes and still get back in the game. Things like prospecting, or making that first contact, or following up after meeting the prospect: […]

click to continue → September 24, 2013

The Seven Ages of Selling

by Chris Arlen

A career in selling starts as a shiny, beautiful thing of hope, and then it ends. Hopefully the end is many years, and millions in sales and commissions later. But it ends. […]

click to continue → August 27, 2013

10 Actions to Restart Your Sales Mojo

by Chris Arlen

Adversity and bleakness happen. Ask any salesperson when bad luck dries up results and compensation. If this rough patch isn’t caused by lack of effort or common sense, then it’s something to […]

click to continue → August 15, 2013