The Mystique of Partnership

by Chris Arlen

Every supplier I’ve spoken with wants to be a “partner” with their customers. It’s right up there with other cliches, such as “our service is second to none” and “our people are […]

click to continue → January 12, 2011

Don’t Go Under That Bus

by Chris Arlen

You know you’re under the front wheels of the contract cancellation bus when customers place you, their service supplier, in a poor light so they can come out smelling like roses. That […]

click to continue → October 20, 2010

Blindsided by a Mental Model

by Chris Arlen

This is isn’t about a deranged runway exhibitionist. It’s about suppliers’ frustrations with customers’ behavior in service relationships. Does the following scenario sound familiar? You’re a facility service supplier. You’ve been working […]

click to continue → October 11, 2010