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by Chris Arlen on January 10, 2011

Revenue-IQ consulting helps you sign lucrative contracts, win valuable customers, and beat your biggest competitors. As a result, you increase win rates and raise revenue fast. Here’s how:

Technical Proposal Writing

We facilitate your team’s analysis of a proposal opportunity and help design your solution to customers’ challenges (you develop your pricing).

We’ll write a persuasive executive summary, cover letter, and selected content as you direct.  We’ll also create a branded proposal offering (name and icon) and help you with presenting info in graphics and charts.

Additionally, we can manage the entire process; consolidating, editing and rewriting all proposal content from your subject matter experts into a single unified proposal. Taking your proposal from analysis up to its print production.

Back to topProposal Library Upgrade

We improve your in-house proposal capabilities by upgrading your content library and creating persuasive structures in your proposal documents.

First, we’ll inventory your proposal content, and then make it reader-friendly with custom Microsoft Word styles, and light edit it for clarity and conciseness.

We’ll also train your staff with sales responsibilities to gather the customer insights needed for winning proposals – and train your production staff how to use the templates and manage the content library in Microsoft Word.

Back to topPresentation Slideshow Upgrade

For your sales presentations using slideshows, we upgrade your in-house capabilities. We start with a slideshow refresh, applying best-practices to design and content presentation. We add Microsoft PowerPoint features to enable interactive, customer-driven sales’ conversations.

Then, we train your presenters in showtime best-practices using your new slideshows. We also train your production staff how to change, add or delete slideshow content for customized presentations.

Back to topAccount Retention Best-Practices

All large service contracts go out to bid, and when you’re the incumbent, your firm’s survival can be on the line. Our revenue continuation (RevCon) best-practices provide direct actions and guidance to help you retain your largest customers.

From our framework, you pick and choose the best-practices you want to apply to your programs, systems, or CRM technologies (we’re not selling a technology, or a set program where you “must-do” all 100 steps).

We start by comparing your practices to our RevCon best-practices and provide a gap analysis and a go forward road map. You then decide, which practices and where you want to apply them.

Back to topSales Assessments

From individual area assessments to a comprehensive look at your sales ability, our assessments provide you actionable insights — much more than data. We will assess your processes, materials and metrics for:

• Best-practices for Sales Proposals
• Presentation Slideshows
• Sales Management Practices
• Service Performance Reporting & Presentations

Back to topTraining: Selling, Sales Proposals & Presentations

We provide training to clients on-site or remotely via web meetings. The following are a few topics we offer off-the-shelf, or we can create a new program based on your needs.

• Buyers’ Talking Points – Starting Conversations that Count
• 13 Keys to Persuasive Proposals
• Showtime Presentations – Engaging at the Moment of Truth
• Sales Plan Development
• Sales Guide to the Contract Service Universe for the Operationally Minded

Getting Started

Here’s how we get working quickly and easily:

  • Contact us by:
    – phone (206-780-2963), we’re in the Pacific time zone USA, or
    web form below
  • Together we’ll define what you want to accomplish
  • We’ll then provide you our consulting proposal (no cost for our proposal to you)
  • Then you decide if you’d like to go forward

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