How to Sell with Persuasive Proposals

by Chris Arlen on May 24, 2012

Proposals that Sell: How to get persuasive in sales proposals

There’s only one reason for persuasion in proposals – because it sells – at the moment of truth.

Persuasion means getting customers to take action and buy from you. There’s no point informing them about your offer if you don’t get the sale.

And your competitors are focused on winning sales, so why not pay attention toWhat your competitors don’t want you to know?”

Most sales require proposals but often decision makers aren’t there when you’re selling. So how do you persuade decision makers to buy from you after you’ve left the building?

That’s where persuasive sales proposals come in – they persuade decision makers and get the sale – when you’re not there.

So, focus on the 3 Keys for Large Sales Proposals that Win.” And don’t succumb to the The Copy-and-Paste Pandemic has Lost Millions.”

Take a look through the following – you’ll raise your IQ and sell more.

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About Persuasion

Start with understanding persuasion, mythology always helps.

Persuasive Proposals in Action

Short proposals can be persuasive, and persuasive sells in a 1-page document or short email. Here’s how:

Providing proposals ahead of the curve, before customers ask for them, can cut two ways. You’ll want to understand the pros and cons before you decide on being this proactive.

Knowing what “not” to do helps direct you to where you should be. Here are several heads up about what to avoid -and- where you should go with persuasive proposals.

Once you’ve got the basics, use this quick checklist on your own proposals:

Bidding & Request for Proposals (RFPs)

Selling large contracts often takes you into the formal bid process. Customers’ RFPs require a more sophisticated skill set. Here are tips that pay.

However much customers want to believe they’re expert at RFPs, the reality is they aren’t. To win sales in RFP bids you have to be smarter than they think they are. Look for these pitfalls to workaround.

  • RFPs From the Unthinking: 3 Common Failings in RFP Development
  • Hollow RFPs

And there’s more to come…

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