How to Prospect Intelligently

by Chris Arlen on May 2, 2012

Some sales reps love prospecting – but most run from it.

However you feel about prospecting , no one decides to be dumb about doing it.

Yet that’s often how it’s done, mindlessly repeating 1950s tactics, and then wondering why the results aren’t there.

Save yourself time, money and stomach lining, put your brain to work and prospect intelligently.

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Prospecting for Fast Sales

For those first, quick sales you need to look to people you already know – referrals. Read about how to identify the most helpful and then get what you need from them:

Whatever you do, don’t get bogged down in preparation that you put off prospecting for days, weeks, or months. Use this simple qualifying formula and get started now.

Do the Right Thing

When you’re cold calling your prospects for the first time, make sure you do this:

But don’t do this:

When You’re Up & Prospecting

After you’re clicking along, don’t let your data grow old and turn bad. Look for these ways to keep it fresh and useful.

Lastly, after you’ve made a few sales and have the breathing room, get prospects to come to you with Inbound Marketing. Here’s the definition, strategy, and how to launch:

And there’s more to come…

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