market pricing

Sales Reps & Market Pricing

by Chris Arlen

Most sales reps are kept away from the pricing cookie jar as they’re considered too self-serving to price what they sell – think of the runaway commissions. (Sales rep voiceover: “God, grant […]

click to continue → April 9, 2013

They’ll Come Back. Oh No They Won’t!

by Chris Arlen

As sellers, we’d like to think that customers eventually see the error of their ways. Customers, being the customer, have the right to make bad buys. And they do, whether it’s recessionary […]

click to continue → February 27, 2012

Sales’ FOL

by Chris Arlen

“Grant me the serenity to accept sales’ facts of life (sFOL) – the courage to do the right selling work – and the wisdom to know the difference.” a Seller’s Prayer. Here […]

click to continue → December 21, 2011

Market Pricing’s Gravitational Pull

by Chris Arlen

We know things exist, even if we’ve never seen them. We feel their effects. That’s how market pricing works. If we understand forces that weigh on us, we can use tactical pricing […]

click to continue → February 1, 2007