sales questions

How do you Ask for the Sale?

by Chris Arlen

We know we should ask – it’s the final call to action. But do you? Every time? I wonder how many sales reps do. I’m embarrassed to admit it but I don’t […]

click to continue → May 31, 2012

Questions are the Answer: Your Biggest Sales Challenge in 2012?

by Chris Arlen

What do your customers think? What’s important? Challenging? If you get these answers you sell more, so we ask customers. But their answers don’t help.

click to continue → February 2, 2012

A Zen Koan for Selling

by Chris Arlen

At times selling service contracts can be as much fun as slamming your fingers in a drawer – over and over and over again. That painful repetition is a sign of being […]

click to continue → July 22, 2009