History of Contracting -or- Why We’re Here

Sometimes I forget why we’re here. In a business, contractors’ sense. Here’s a brief history. Helps remind me that “Oh yeah! That’s what it’s all about. Read on:

1) Human beings consume things to live >> they are consumers

2) Consumers need things to consume >> companies provide things

3) Other companies provide the same things >> consumers can choose

4) Companies must produce things better, faster, cheaper >> or else

5) Companies hire employees & provide facilities to produce things

6) Companies tell their employees to produce things better, faster, cheaper >> or else

7) Companies use fewer employees >> those employed are stretched

8) Employees want/need help to produce things better, faster, cheaper

9) Employees contract with companies to help (this is you) >> employees become customers

10) Other contractors provide the same help as you >> customers can choose

11) Customers choose contractors who they believe help them produce things better, faster, cheaper

12) If contractors don’t >> next contractor

QUESTION >> How are you persuading customers that your help is more valuable than other contractors?

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