Through the Looking-glass

Everything has a different meaning depending on where you’re standing. Think about it!

Alice couldn’t read the poem Jabberwocky until she went through the looking glass (and then it’s anyone’s guess what the poem means).

Consider these perspectives from the other side of the mirror:

  • 4th of July to the British (tea tax anyone?)
  • Caviar to sturgeon (goodbye momma)
  • A pearl to an oyster (ouch!)
  • 5-over par to Tiger Woods (ouch!)

Contractors have a mirror of their own. It’s how they look at “selling customers”. However, there is another side. The “customers’ buying” side.

Perspective is everything. If you’re on the “selling” side of the mirror, you’re working very hard, inefficiently, and with frustrating results.

However, a slight change from “selling customers” to “customers buying” makes all the difference. Swap perspective, and changing your actions are simple, not easy – but produce greater results .

When contractors help “customers buy”, contractors become subject-matter experts (SMEs), facilitators, and informational resources.

Now customer conversations are different. Customers want to talk to contractors who have answers. They’ll take those calls, will meet with those contractors. But only those who can legitimately help them.

What contractor doesn’t want to be known as the “go-to-person” by their customers?

What side of the mirror are you thinking from?
Chris Arlen
President, Service Performance

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