RSS: The New Newspaper

RSS Awareness DayIf you read newspapers, then RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is your new newspaper.

Your paper newspaper is delivered to your doorstep. RSS does the same thing digitally – to your computer’s desktop.

In a newspaper you don’t get to choose which topics to include. The editor does that for you.

With RSS you get to select the topics. You can mix and match topics or zero in on:

  • Contract management
  • KPIs
  • Green cleaning
  • Selling & marketing contract services (that’d be Revenue-IQ)

Whatever topics you choose. RSS keeps you on top of the overwhelming and continuous mountain of Internet information. But just the info you want. And you can change those selections on the fly, easily, anytime.

Don’t worry if using something new feels intimidating. It’s roughly estimated that only 5.4% of global internet users use RSS. But that’s about 70+ million users.

It’s easy to start though. To learn how, click here.

And cost? There is no cost. It’s free! Go on, give it a try. You’ll be glad you did.

Chris Arlen
President, Service Performance

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