Individual Annual Report

Individual Annual ReportI recently worked with a client on an annual report, which doesn’t sound earth shattering by itself. Until one realizes he doesn’t work for a public company. He’s the President/CEO of a regional security guard firm.

He’d started with the company 9 months ago and wanted to formally communicate his achievements to the owners.

The professionally printed and bound report highlighted financials, technology improvements, service innovations, and sales and marketing efforts.

This was a smart move on his part – to explicitly get recognition.

Wherever you are on the food chain, you’re accountable to somebody – to your boss, shareholders, customers, employees, regulators, the environment, the public at large. Any and all of the above.

How is your personal performance communicated?

Most businesses attempt an employee performance review annually. But those reviews can be perfunctory, or skipped altogether when the latest crisis calls all hands on deck.

Then you’re left with another year of great work and accomplishments, but unsure if anyone upstairs knows your name.

Upwardly mobile career path

Ever wonder why some executives rise up corporate org charts faster than other, more qualified ones?

It’s due to their skills communicating personal success. And although it’s self-serving, it’s made not to appear so. It’s described in terms of the business’ success. And they were its engineers.

Create an Individual Annual Report

Take a page from the fastest rising among us – communicate your success. As it helps your business and stakeholders get what they want.

1) Create a 1-page annual report of your achievements.

Make it easily read within 45 to 60 seconds. Stay away from dense text paragraphs. Make it fact-filled with bullets, charts and tables. Define accomplishments.

2) Send it to your boss shortly before your annual review.

You can then spend your time talking about your future. And how you’re going to help the business further, and in the process make your boss look good.

How do you communicate your success?


Chris Arlen

President, Service Performance

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