Not For Beginners

Not for Beginners

♦ Open heart surgery

♦ Unfreezing the global credit market

♦ Contracting / bidding on a multi-million dollar service

There’s an arc of experience to things. No one is born fully knowing the intricacies of any area of life.

It’s about learning. And through learning comes awareness of grey areas. Subtleties that make a ton of difference.

I once read the true test of intelligence is to hold two conflicting ideas in one’s head while seeing both as true.

Experience in life and business has a lot of that going on. As one learns.

However, those without experience still work alongside the experienced.

Obviously beginners are not to be ridiculed or disdained. The experienced have a responsibility to coach, mentor, teach. And recognize the struggle beginners have trying to hold those 2 conflicting thoughts.

But when it comes to the list above, and millions of other areas, beginners will participate – and if you’re on the receiving end you really hope they’d get some help.

Beginners will bid on that million dollar service contract.

And beginners will put out a Request for Proposal for that million dollar bid.

With access to the experienced, beginners can better shape the impact they’re going to have on others’ business. Hopefully moving it closer to their intended outcomes. But only if they’re open to conflicting ideas that may both be true. And only if the experienced recognize their place in the learning food chain.

How are you leveraging experience for beginners in your organization?


Chris Arlen
President, Service Performance

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