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microsoftMarch 16, 2009 Unhappy Janitors at Microsoft protest subcontractor’s cuts

This article points to the janitorial subcontractor’s staffing cuts and unhappy janitors because of increased workloads.

It made me wonder about our last blog post A Janitorial Fable on Mar 12, 2009.

I wonder if specifications were changed at Microsoft to reflect higher workloads.

I wonder what, if any, communications went to janitors and Microsoft end-users to reshape their expectations.

I wonder how the situation would’ve played out if the subcontractor had read Continents of the Contract Service World?

What do you wonder about?

(Disclosure: SBM Site Services is not a client of Service Performance. ABM Janitorial Services is a former client. 17 years ago, as Sales & Marketing Director for ABM Janitorial, Chris Arlen (that’s me) wrote the proposal that secured the Microsoft contract for ABM.)

Image by: Robert Scoble

Chris Arlen

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