The Value Picture: Surveying Both Sides

facilityservicevaluesurvey1Our Facility Service Value  survey went live on 4/1. This is an opportunity to better understand value in the minds of those who buy facility services, and compare that with those who provide them.

If you haven’t taken it, go on, it’s only 10 questions, you’ll be done in 5 minutes.
Take the Value Survey

Ideally, input from both sides (customers & contractors) will make the value picture clearer.

Currently we’re receiving more contractors’ views than customers. Let’s change that.


If you’re a contractor, I’m sure you’re interested in learning what your customers, prospects and Procurement think about value in your services.

Ask for their input:

email1)  Create an email for your customers, prospects and any Procurement folks you know.

2) Copy & paste this link into your email:

3) Ask for their input, 10 questions, 5 minutes. Tell them you’ll share the findings if they participate. And let them know the survey will close 4/15.

4) Hit the send button.

Shortly after 4/15 I’ll publish the findings. And you’ll be able to share that information with your customers, prospects and Procurement. Just as you promised. Now, won’t you look smart.


If you’re involved with the buying or oversight of contracted facility services, take the survey  and we’ll share the results with you.
Take the Value Survey

Take the Survey: Don’t you want to know more about value?

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President, Service Performance

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