Clarifying Purpose


Mea culpa.

After writing Process at the Expense of Purpose I realized I was guilty of working a process without defining it’s purpose.

My error was not defining the purpose of this weekly blog, as compared to the monthly articles I publish.

As a result, confusion may have touched some readers, such as:

  • Is the weekly blog for facility managers? Procurement? Business unit managers? Or service contractors?
  • Are the topics in the monthly articles different than the weekly blog? Why?

Taking my own advice, here are two statements to clarify purpose.


Name: Revenue-IQ

Frequency: …well, weekly

Primary Audience: Service contractors (any outsourced service providers).

However, facility and property managers, Procurement, and business unit managers will gain a greater understanding of their supply chain by reading it.You may even pick up some inside secrets in the process.

Focus: Attracting prospects, winning contracts, and retaining customers (aka marketing, selling & business planning).


Name: Service Performance Articles

Frequency: …you guessed it, monthly.

Primary Audience: Facility and property managers, security directors, Procurement, and business unit managers – any manager of an in-house or outsourced service.

Also, outsourced service contractors will gain a better appreciation of their customers’ environment by reading it too.

Focus: Improving service performance, quality, measurement, reporting and communication (aka optimizing the value received from services).


By keeping to these swim lanes, you’ll know what to expect when reading our blog and articles.

If you’d like to adjust your blog subscription, there’s a link on the bottom of the delivery email .

Or, if you’d like to get our monthly articles by email, visit our subscribe page.

Thanks for reading
Chris Arlen
President, Service Performance

Image by Steve Hardy

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