Buying and Selling Yorwin

buying_selling_yorwinThe following story is fictitious, but you’d have guessed that anyway.

The marketing and selling lessons in it are true AND absolutely essential to marketing and selling anything, but even more true (if that’s possible) for selling contract services.

Here goes…

I’d just moved to a foreign country where I happened to speak, read and write the official language (lucky for me it was English).

While I was settling into my new home and work, I started hearing about something that I absolutely must buy: Yorwin.

My neighbors praised Yorwin.

My colleagues at worked swore by Yorwin.

I saw newspaper and TV ads imploring that I buy Yorwin, telling the story of the greatness that is Yorwin.

I read on the Yorwin web site about the founder and his struggle from poverty to undreamed of wealth and prosperity.

I even received a visit from a Yorwin salesman at work. If I could have gotten a word in edgewise I might have been able to ask my Yorwin questions.

But the salesman was a non-stop river. At 120 words per minute I heard the Yorwin story (already knew it from ads), about the Yorwin founder (already read about him on the website) and the Yorwin community (already overwhelmed by recommendations from neighbors). After the salesman left my office it took me 25 minutes to refocus on my work.

However, at this point in time I was still in the dark. Everyone told me that Yorwin is the name of a company, based on a founder named Yorwin. Everyone knew Yorwin.

So, I admit, I was curious about Yorwin.

But curious about what?

Not the story of Yorwin, that was everywhere.

Not the size and strength of Yorwin.

Not the ubiquity of Yorwin (seeing Yorwin embossed paper towels in public restrooms sealed that perception).

What I Didn’t Know

This is what I didn’t know as a potential buyer:

  • What is Yorwin for?
  • Why do I need Yorwin?
  • What will Yorwin fix for me, that I need fixing?
  • How will I feel once I buy Yorwin, whatever it is?
  • What is Yorwin going to cost me relative to what I’m getting from it?

I didn’t know the answers to any of these questions. I was numbed.

I was blind to its ads and positive Word of Mouth. I was unenlightened about the value one gains from Yorwin.

In the end, I didn’t buy Yorwin.

Marketing Lessons from Yorwin

There must be a message about value, one that solves customers’ pains, delivers their goals, and does so at a  price much less than the cost of NOT fixing those pains or achieving those goals.

This universal message is for the mass audience in a marketplace.

Selling Lessons from Yorwin

The universal marketing message must be revised to fit an individual buyer during the sales process. Otherwise, it’s a hit and miss affair on a buyer by buyer basis.

The only way to target the universal message into a specific buyer is for the salesperson to ask the buyer questions and get explicit answers.

Only then can the salesperson define and communicate value to their buyer.

The Moral of the Story

You can’t sell a company’s wares without communicating the value their offering will provide to a specific buyer’s individual needs. Otherwise, there’s no point for a buyer to buy.

Just remember Yorwin.

Chris Arlen

Image by Lucius Kwok
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