Best_of_2009I’d like to thank you for making 2009 a successful and productive year for Revenue IQ. As the weekly blog for facility service contractors, it’s the only sales posting (I know of) that’s not for beginners. You, dear reader, are interested in post graduate education in sales and marketing.

And with those flattering words, here are the best posts of this year. These are the “best” because:

a) They received the most page visits as tracked by Google Analytics

b) They generated the most reader feedback (via email, hoping to get you to comment online in 2010)

c) I felt they were the best out of what I’d written

The Best of Revenue IQ in 2009

These are grouped for easy navigation but aren’t in any ranked order. Enjoy, and please let me know of any topics you’d like explored in 2010.

Selling, Proposals & Presentations

Customers & Buying


Happy Holidays and a healthy and prosperous 2010

Chris Arlen
President, Revenue-IQ

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