Voice of the Customer in the Buying Cycle

A common sales issue facing service contractors is:

“Why aren’t customers more (open / responsive / interested / curious / concerned) about how to improve their service?”

To simplify this would be to say:

“Why won’t customers talk with me about how I can help them? -or- Why won’t customers let me sell them?”

It’s All in the Mind of the Customer

Sales and marketing activities must be (should be) dictated by the customer’s place in their buying cycle.

That’s in their buying cycle. Not where we are in our selling cycle.

Recognizing where customers’ minds are focused is a sales essential.

It’s like going fishing and standing at the river but not knowing:

  • What kind of fish you’re fishing for
  • What they eat
  • Where they’re safe from predators
  • Where they hang out to conserve energy
  • What kind of food they eat
  • What part of the river they find their food in

The 1,000 Word Picture

Describing how to deal with this sales situation can be very wordy.  So I’m presenting the following graphic to put a voice to where customers are at, relative to our wanting to sell them. It’s all about hearing their voice, and then directing our sales and marketing actions accordingly.

Here’s the graphic:


What to Do

If you haven’t already read the 3 Stages of the Buying Cycle you should. It lists specific sales and marketing actions to move customers towards selecting your firm depending on where they’re at.

By starting from where the customer is at, your actions will be more effective and eventually produce the results you want, whether that’s:

  • A returned call or email
  • An introductory appointment
  • Getting on their bid list
  • Making their short list in an RFP competition
  • Securing their contract
  • Re-securing their contract
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