Incremental Fruit & Crowbar Leverage

Incremental_FruitThere is no low hanging fruit. Not anymore. Only incremental improvements

You’ve tackled the low hanging and enjoyed the returns. That leaves only incrementals.

The good news is you have an infinity of ’em – the bad news is your time and effort.

Who has the time? Your competitor does. The industry leader does. The newbie-upstart-taking-the-world-by-storm does.

Incremental Fruit is Project Management

Performing multiple job functions daily means you can’t see loading another one on your plate. That’s because you can’t see it. Project Management is how you see it. It’s how elephants are eaten (How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time).

Unfortunately, most of us say we have Project Management skills, but are continually waiting for the individual flotation device in the form of:

  • new staff to come on-board
  • increased funding for the new staff
  • the improvement need to go away by itself

With an almost endless list of improvement opportunities Project Management makes the ones you choose to work on doable.  Real Project Management, not project management. I’m talking Microsoft’s Project software.

That begs the question: Which project?

Crowbar Leverage is Insightful Selectivity

You don’t have the luxury of selecting “easy, first wins” because those apples are gone. What you’re left with are projects that look like hard work. So, where to start?

Seek high ROI projects?

Selecting projects that provide the greatest ROI isn’t as easy as it first appears.

Not all projects are easy to quantify ROI. Think internal processes touching many business areas. Hard to put a number on all that. Then where do you turn?

Seek leverage opportunities

While not ruling out ROI as an indicator of which projects to tackle next, consider looking at those that can be quickly leveraged.

Those projects where you already have something in place, and just a slight improvement increases value noticeably.

This means you’ve really got to know your stuff: system,processes and politics.

You may see an improvement opportunity that can be quickly leveraged, but you lack the expertise.

Answer: outsource.

You may be an outsourced resource yourself. Why not vote with your actions that you too believe in the value of outsourcing. Bring in a professional. Why wait until the next millennium when you’ll have all the time in the world?

Justifying the Right Time that Never Comes

Beware the logical-sounding voice in your head. It may be true, or expediency telling you life is tough enough as is.

Unfortunately, it’s the outside events that occur seemingly out of nowhere that will make you smack your forehead saying “I had that on my list”, and thinking “but I was waiting for the right time to start”.

Chris Arlen
President, Revenue IQ

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