Sales Training 101: Buyers’ POV

If there’s one must-have, die-without sales training, it’s understanding Points of View (POV)…that are not one’s own.

POV is the genesis of customers buying, contracting, managing, and changing suppliers. Of contractors selling, serving, retaining, and profiting from customers.

Can’t understand a customers’ POV? No business. Period. End of story.

Understand how customers view the world, and contractors can:

  • Help customers buy
  • Make customers look good
  • Work on the customers side of the desk (partnering anybody?)

Free Training

Here are a number of past blogs and articles that focus on the customers POV, specifically when they’re buying.

Buying in General

3 Stages of the Buying Cycle: Start here if you’re trying to sell, the PDF download details specific seller activities based on where the customer is in their buying cycle.

Voice of the Customer in the Buying Cycle: You can almost hear them speak (shouldn’t you hear them anyway?).

Crystal Ball

Overcoming Recession Reluctance: NOTE the date, Feb 2008. Wow, got this one right.

Procurement Mindset

Selling to Procurement: A look at 2 styles of procurement and how sellers can approach them.

What’s the Right Price for Service?: Hand this to customers/buyers. Help them understand it’s a SERVICE, not a PRODUCT!

Reversing into Darkness: One of my favorites. There’s a great comment from an outsourcing procurement firm, wonderful insight into the buying POV.

IMAGE by Thomas Shahan

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