The Secret Subtext that Motivates Prospects

There’s a communication that takes place when sellers talk with prospects.

The Secret Subtext to Motivate Any Prospect

Rarely spoken aloud, all prospects want to look good in the eyes of their company

It’s implied, never spoken yet always present, just below the surface of every conversation. It’s the subtext of the sales conversation all prospects want to hear.

Prospects Want to Look Good

Maybe not cosmetically, but look good in the eyes of their company. Prospects want to help their company thrive or survive so they’ll be rewarded personally.

We all believe that. If we do something phenomenally well for our company and it succeeds, we believe the company will reward us. That’s reciprocity.

Prospects are the same. They’re motivated by the potential for personal reward if their company contributions win big.

These aren’t kickbacks or bribes, they’re prospects’ personal wants such as:

  • Greater job security
  • Performance bonus
  • Salary increase
  • Promotion opportunity
  • Recognition by peers
  • Recognition in their company
  • Reputation as the go-to person
  • Leading future company projects
  • Recognition by industry colleagues

Helping the Prospect’s Company Thrive or Survive

Of course prospects look for personal reward after first helping their company succeed. Otherwise it could be a kickback or bribe.

Helping Prospects Look Good

Sellers must account for the personal motivations of prospects when selling. It requires sensitivity and subtlety on the seller’s part. And it can’t be approached directly.

Through conversations with prospects sellers identify what the personal motivations are – and which company wins are likely to help the prospect win. What is a company win?

That’s the explicit, spoken part of conversations with prospects. It’s where sellers learn how their service helps that company thrive or survive.

However, once learned, savvy sellers use the information about company wins to subtlety point out how the prospect’s department will succeed as well.

What’s left unspoken is how that departmental and company success will benefit the prospect personally.

Raising Visibility of Prospect’s Success

For example, if a prospect is on a fast career track they’ll be more interested in seller solutions that are highly visible within their company.

Seller’s can promote their prospect’s success as part of their solution by incorporating:

  • Awareness programs inside the prospect’s company using events, posters & table tents
  • Including prospect’s superiors in business review meetings
  • Submitting case studies to trade journals
  • Press releases touting successes

Seller Sensitivity & Sophistication

This takes sensitivity and sophistication to pull off. Sellers don’t want to sound sycophantic or be misunderstood as offering a bribe.

But looking good in their company’s eyes definitely counts with prospects.

It’s up to the seller to integrate that possibility into conversations without being obvious.

How do you Sell Prospects’ Personal Rewards?

How do you dance around this topic with prospects? Do you think about it at all? Do you speak about it explicitly with prospects? Would love to hear your comments here.

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