Personal Positioning Statement

Personal Positioning Statement“Hello, and you are…?”

“Oh, uh, I’m Sara…and I uh…work for XYZ Corp…I’m a sales rep”

First impressions. Priceless.

All those intentional first meetings with prospects at association lunches, tradeshows, and sales events. And the unexpected introductions at Little League games, school events, the supermarket. That adds up to lots of 1st-impression opportunities.

Booting that 1st-impression isn’t always fatal, but it certainly hurts your initial credibility and trust with customers.

Elevator Statement on Steroids

Why not prepare for 1st – impression opportunities?

This Personal Positioning Statement is based on a branding version from Parker LePla, except this version is for your personal sales work.

It’s similar to an “Elevator Statement” (you’re on an elevator and you’re asked what you do – and you have only 30 seconds to answer). The Personal Positioning Statement answers that question and does much more.

3 Parts of a Personal Positioning Statement

The three parts, after your name of course, are:

  • Business – descriptor of what business you’re in
  • Benefits – key business benefits your customers receive (benefits are not features)
  • Better – description of why you’re better than your competition

Get these three into 2 sentences and easily spoken within 15-25 seconds. Remember you have to breath at some point. And the words must sound like they’re coming from your mouth, not a printed brochure.

Also, these three don’t have to be in order. They just need to be covered.

Here’s my current version –  NOTE: I don’t speak the parts in the parenthesis, they are there to show the three parts.

Hi, I’m Chris Arlen with Revenue-IQ.

We help service suppliers win larger contracts (benefit) through persuasive proposals, slideshows and sales training (business).

As consultant to most of the largest service contractors – we know what works, and what doesn’t (better).

Extra Mileage used within Emails

Re-purpose your Personal Positioning Statement in emails to prospective customers.

Place your “benefit(s)” in the email’s subject line.

Introduce yourself with the “business” part and justify why they would want to return your email with the “better” part.

You’ll want to fill the email text copy out a little, but this gives you a solid foundation.


If you don’t have a Personal Positioning Statement, get started now. Don’t let “perfect” get in the way of “good enough”.

It’s been said “There’s never a second chance to make a good first impression.” Be prepared.

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