The Quick Sales Funnel and Super 8

Sales funnels work at their own pace. Yet there are times when a quick sale* is needed more than oxygen.

When sales are at the bottom of a trough or stuck in a down economy, one quick sale can mean survival. It can turn confidence in the right direction, appease management and pay the rent.

Timing is everything when faced with a do-or-die quick sale. That means the first, most critical decision to make is where you spend sales time. Or else you waste those few days or weeks before your job evaporates.

Who do you work on first?

Prioritizing Possibilities with the Super 8

Start where you have knowledge and connections. While you may not know all the details, here you begin with a stronger understanding than starting cold. The best, first possibilities are where you know their:

1) Industry – trends, problems and improvements typical to their industry.

2) Company Needs – company-specific business problems to fix and improvements to make.

3) Price Tolerance – you’ll have a feel for the range they buy in, may be their budget.

4) Buying Process – you’ll know how they buy, the obstacles, the champions and the final sign-offs.

Your best, first possibilities know about you too. They are the ones who:

5) Know you – recognize your name and company.

6) Like you – personally, even hang out with you socially, or would if they could.

7) Have time for you – will include you in their work day.

8) Value what you do – they understand what you contribute and value it.

The Super 8 of the Quick Sales Funnel

The Super 8 in the Quick Sales Funnel

Looking at the Super 8 characteristics, it quickly becomes clear who you should sell to first. They are, in this order:

#1 Current Customers – Friends
#2 Former Customers – Friends
#3 Warm Referrals
#4 Current Customers
#5 Former Customers
#6 Cold Referrals

The 1-2-3 Strategy for Quick Sales

Follow this strategy for a quick survival sale.

1) Work your way through the Quick Survival Sales funnel

The Quick Sales FunnelStart at the top, and work your way through to the bottom. Do this before starting to work on suspects/leads in your normal sales funnel.

2) Use your access and do your homework first

Take advantage of the relationships you have to get inside information BEFORE you pitch your offer.

These are your business friends and professional acquaintances. Ask them about  the serious problems their company is trying to fix, or improvements they want to make.

3) Use your knowledge to solve problems and deliver improvements

Build your offer around solving problems and delivering improvements. Then sell something else to them (cross-selling), or sell an improved version of what you sold before (up sell).

* How quick is quick?

The “quick” in a quick survival sale depends on what is sold and how buyers buy it.

Here, quick means getting a sale faster than normal. If the buying time cannot be shortened (think contractual bid processes), then quick means getting further through the process faster than normal. In these time-extended sales, “quick” may mean:

  • Joining a bid already in progress
  • Skipping qualification phase
  • Getting onto a bidders list immediately

Need a Quick Sale?

  • What’s left out of this survival strategy for quick sales?
  • What do you do to get a quick sale?

Come on, you are generous, share with us.

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