How do you Ask for the Sale?

Ask for the Sale: How Do You?We know we should ask – it’s the final call to action.

But do you? Every time?

I wonder how many sales reps do. I’m embarrassed to admit it but I don’t always ask. I know why I should, and when I should, but I don’t always do it.

So how do you ask? Specifically, what words do you use?

Asking for the sale isn’t a summary of your value proposition, a synposis of your offer, or even re-stating your customer’s pains and gains.

Asking for the sale is a question isn’t it, not a statement?

That question requires specific words and it shouldn’t matter what you’re selling, should it?

So, how do you ask for the sale? (For pity’s sake, post your answer as a comment to this blog).

Deer in the Headlights

I have two reasons why I don’t always ask for the sale. Obviously these have some power over me. These are my excuses, please don’t make them yours.

#1) Can’t find the right words

When I don’t ask (that’s intelligent) it’s because I’ve let these words stop me, don’t let them stop you:

– “I’m asking you to buy from me” – sounds clumsy

– “I’d like your commitment to go forward” – sounds ambiguous

– “Please give me your consideration” – sounds weak

– “Please” – sounds as if I’m begging (and I have some pride)

– “I’d like” – sounds weak

– “When can we start” – is my absolute most hated as it’s 150% cheese ball, even if it’s said jokingly¬† (how I hate the old presumptive close)

#2) Customers can’t answer at that moment

Customers may not be able to give me an answer when I ask them for a sale. And that stops me? Evidently some of the time.

– This is common in large, complex sales with a formal bid process

– Feels silly to ask customers for an answer when you know they can’t give you one at the time

We End As We Started

  • How do you ask for the sale?
  • What words do you use?

Please post your answer as a comment here at our blog.

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