Signals & noise: sales info amid false positives

Signals & noise: sales info amid false positivies I look for sales signals. What do I do find? Noise. I’m frustrated by noise: a googolplex of information from social media, email and the web.

I want sales signals I can act on, ones that help me initiate or advance a sale.

I want strong signals that put me on the short road to closing – not weak signals that take years to mature enough to submit a proposal.

Yes, it’s important to nurture, farm, and pull in potential sales, but in the end it’s the signed deal that counts.

And looking for strong signals is looking for opportunistic sales – the ones that jump from unknown to invoice, which are less strenuous, faster, and much more likely to happen.

But the problem is noise – finding strong signals amongst it.

What appear as valuable sources for signals, put out 99.99% worthless drivel – false positives.

That would be most of your time online.

Really, isn’t that where we go to find sales signals – in social media, email and online video?

Recent research shows that in the US in 2012, we spent on average:

  • 37 minutes daily on social networks
  • 33 minutes daily on email
  • 24 minutes daily with online video

Of course there are nuggets in all that noise, a few true signals, but the sheer volume of uselessness is soul crushing. And who likes a 99.99% sales to noise ratio?

What to do?

There’s really only two solutions.

Find a valued filter

This is one way to up your signal to noise ratio. Attach yourself to someone in the know, and let them find the meaningful signals for you.

Hopefully they provide more true ones than you going it alone. To find that valued filter you’ll need someone who:

  • aligns with you (oh, you don’t like red wine?)
  • reliably gets it right (please, not another “my bad”)
  • connects with insiders & outsiders (objectivity anyone?)

Become a valued filter

This is the tougher road: it’s when you put the fire hose to your mouth and try and make sense of it all.

But if you’re called to this, you’re called, so you must:

  • attach yourself online 24/7 even on vacation or under anesthetic during surgery
  • apply discernment to sift out the unworthy junk
  • find a forum to stand on & attract a following
  • express one’s self authentically, not like a plasticine parrot from a reality show

Was this a Rant?

Kind of. More like a baby rant (or ranting baby).

The point is there’s not much point to noise, other than it believes it should be heard because you value its signal. Do you?

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