10 Actions to Restart Your Sales Mojo

Emotional resilience for salesAdversity and bleakness happen. Ask any salesperson when bad luck dries up results and compensation.

If this rough patch isn’t caused by lack of effort or common sense, then it’s something to be weathered.

For sales people, that’s where emotional resilience comes in: it’s the capacity to withstand stress and adversity.

No one can prevent bad things from happening, it only matters what’s done afterwards.

Consider one or all of these when you find yourself in that inevitable stretch of bad road that comes with earning a living in sales.

1) Talk to a customer who’s also a friend.

2) Go back in time and visualize a big win, and remember how you felt.

3) Revisit your annual sales plan and review your critical path to success.

4) Read Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage (affiliate link).

5) Listen to Tubthumping (affiliate link)

6) Read, or re-read Little Red Book of Selling: 12.5 Principles of Sales Greatness (affiliate link)

7) Read all Top 100 Inspirational Quotes.

8) Ditch your training and follow your instincts throughout the next sales opportunity.

9) Find and engage a mentor to help you improve.

10) Go for a walk in a beautiful place on a sunny day with a loved one.

Adversity and bleakness will happen, but gratefully nothing lasts forever.

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