Best of 2014 Revenue-IQ Articles2014 and things happened in the world; I won’t try to sum it up, way beyond me.

But business was good for us. And  relationships with clients and peers were enjoyable and valuable: getting smart things done.

We hope your 2014 was worthy, and 2015 will present opportunities for you to succeed and enjoy.

Thanks for reading Revenue-IQ. Here’s a list of our most popular 2014 posts.

2014 Top 10 Revenue-IQ Articles

Top 10 Articles of 2014

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  1. 3 Lies that cripple Incumbent RFP Responses
  2. Up-selling and cross-selling are dead
  3. Share of Wallet: it’s worth the deeper dive
  4. How to avoid Poison Apple RFPs
  5. 3 Breeds of Sales Story
  6. Presentations: Denouement after 3,000 words
  7. Presentations: How to keep the After-the-Show Glow
  8. Prospecting Deconstructed
  9. 3 Steps to Sales Creativity
  10. A Presidential Strategy for Selling
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Popular Articles for 2014

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Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a fantastic 2015.


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