Messaging Insights from Jacques Pepin and Gary Vaynerchuk

Duration and place. If you want to get B2B marketing messaging right, pay attention to these two factors.


Jacques Pépin, a French chef and television personality best known for his cooking shows on PBS, said when cooking meat it’s best to either cook at a very high heat for 30 seconds, or at a low heat for 30 minutes or more.

I’m paraphrasing his exact words, and of course this was a generalization but it’s equally applicable to B2B marketing. Here’s my generalization:

Marketing messages should be either Bold but Brief – or Deep and Long

Think about tweets and long form blogs. The former has to get attention immediately or drown in a continual stream and the latter has to pay off in new knowledge to make it worth the audience’s time.


Gary Vaynerchuk, a social media guru originally known for his video blog Wine Library TV, has pointed out during a Contently Brand Publishing Summit that getting social media right is about:

 “Telling stories native to the platform”

“We’re in slang marketing now. You have to know the slang of the room you’re storytelling in. Otherwise you’re out.”

“Context plus content, equals relationships.”

Gary Vee’s insight (one of them) is that you message differently depending on the social media you’re in; Instagram, Tumblr, Vine, or whatever new one that comes along.

Get your duration and place right, and give your marketing messaging a chance to succeed.

At 252 words, this post is now 30 seconds: Over and out.

TITLE IMAGES Pepin image by Roderick Eime, Vaynerchuk image by Affiliate Summit

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