You Sell a Customized Solution, Really?

How many B2B sales reps say they DON’T sell solutions?

None. We all claim it.

Almost every modern sales methodology is based on consultative selling: “Please customer, cough and tell me where it hurts.”

But to do that, reps must dig into their customers’ situations; to understand their needs-wants-desires, and/or their unknown needs-wants-desires.

Then customize a solution for that specific situation.

This all sounds good and right.

Until the rep goes into proposal production.

Cut and paste proposal production

Image by Daniel Ferreira Baltà

Then it’s the office staff searching the last proposal, reusing the same canned responses; cut and paste, cut and paste, cut and paste.

Whatever customer insights and customized solution the sales rep may have had rarely, if ever, makes it into the proposal.

What’s the cure?

Consider this:


Image by pbemjestes

Have your customer witness your proposal development

Yup, that’s right.

Imagine your customer was inside your firm watching as your team developed your sales proposal for their RFP.

In this imaginary scenario (because it’ll never happen), your customer would sit in on your team meetings

— or miss the meetings you didn’t have.

They’d hear and see your analysis of their:

  • Business situation
  • C-suites’ strategic initiatives
  • Departmental challenges
  • Decision makers’ individual issues regarding the purchased service

— or miss the analysis you didn’t do.

They’d observe how you craft your solution to best use their investment, better than their alternative choices (aka your competitors)

— or miss the solution you didn’t craft.


Image by Portland Corps

But if customers saw your proposal effort…

Bet you’d do more than hand off their RFP to your office staff to fill in.

Bet you’d take the time, make the effort, and give it the appropriate care that your customer would expect.


Image by Zelda Richardson

Your sales proposal says it all

Customers can tell alot about you when they look at your proposal. It sits there, on their conference table, next to your competitors’ proposals, side by side for consideration.

They can tell the amount of thought you put into your proposal’s solution, design, and presentation

— or the amount you didn’t.

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Your sales proposal is what happens at the end of the sales cycle. It’s not the time to shortchange it by not making enough effort, or the right kind of effort.


Now is the time for the most famous of Nike advertising slogans.

Hey, customers are watching you.

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