Best of Revenue-IQ Articles 2017

May you live in interesting times

2017. “May you live in interesting times“.

It is 2017. The year is true.

The expression is not. It’s known as an English translation of a Chinese curse, but it’s not from China, nor is it a curse.

And the words themselves are not the blessing they first appear to be. The expression’s true meaning is that it’s better to live in boring but peaceful times than in “interesting” but troubled times.

Q: What’s this have to do with selling B2B service contracts?

A: Sales reps must find the subtext in which large, complex B2B sales take place. Everything is not what it appears, nor what customers say about themselves.

Customers may tell sales reps “We’re looking for a supplier to provide the best value.” — But what does that really mean?

Subtext, that which is really going on with customers but isn’t shared, is the true gold for sales reps to find. And capitalize on.

Helping reps see sales subtext, and then understand how to use it has been the theme for Revenue-IQ articles in 2017.

Looking back on 2017

I hope your 2017, both personally and professionally, was joyous, healthy and full of engaging challenges.

We continued a trend started several years ago to write fewer but longer articles. Hopefully you found them helpful. If there’s a topic you’d like looked at, let me know and I’ll do what I can.

Top Articles of 2017

The following articles are prioritized by readers’ engagement.

However, my personal favorite was Hierarchy of Proposal Persuasiveness. For me, it packed a lot of smart things into one concise article. But hey, that’s my take.

Which article did you find most useful?

    1. Lowest Price, Technically Acceptable purchasing is a Toxic Leak
    2. 30 Reasons Why B2B Customers Didn’t Buy + X to the Nth Permutations
    3. Where to Find What B2B Customers Are Buying
    4. Don’t Do These 5 Dumb Things in Sales Presentations
    5. Sales Proposals should be like a Lamborghini: Beauty + Performance that Wins
    6. Know Your Destination First when Selling Facility Service Contracts
    7. You Sell a Customized Solution, Really?
    8. Hierarchy of Proposal Persuasiveness
    9. When Perfect isn’t Good Enough
    10. Major Pursuit of Large Service Contracts

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