Best of Revenue-IQ Articles 2018

End of year always has some look back and 2018 was fast and furious, wasn’t it?

I’m tired of saying “Change is the only constant,” or “This is the new normal.”

The world will never be static, nor the technology that disrupts.

Hey, living requires CONSTANT LEARNING.

But you’ve only got so much time — and all learning ain’t equal.

So, here’s my end-of-year thought:

Be competent in continually changing technologies but make a life-long investment in knowing what it means to be human. Click To Tweet

We get better in business when we continually study, read, and learn more about human behavior, motivation, character, and ethics.

If reading only nonfiction books is off-putting to you (I can only take so much too) — then dive into literary fiction. Take a cut at reading classic literature.

There’s a reason these books are classic. They’re timeless because the human condition is timeless. Humans have suffered, strove, succeeded and failed many, many times before. And great literature tells those stories again and again.

Find a list of classics and sprinkle them in your reading; here’s a list from Goodreads. And they won’t all be to your liking.

To succeed in business, read nonfiction classics. You'll find an unseen window into a larger, more interesting and exciting world that'll give you superpowers with business people. Click To Tweet

Top Articles of 2018

Speaking of great literature, I can honestly say my posts are not.

But hopefully you will find them helpful in the B2B world in which we make our living. Which article did you find most useful?

1) In Search of Sales Subtext

2) Subtext is the Tricky Part of Sales Intel

3) Time to Sweat the Small Stuff (in 3 Parts):

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