Best of Revenue-IQ Articles 2019

The world changes and yet remains the same, with so much in business and B2B sales that’s clear in hindsight.

If only we could benefit from that clarity before the painful events that teach us.

Hopefully, these articles from 2019 can help you skip over some of the painful parts of learning.

Wishing you and your teams the very best in 2020, and that you’re energized and hopeful for all the good things to come.

5 Danger Signals for Incumbent Suppliers

5 Danger Signals for Incumbent Suppliers

For incumbent suppliers, it’s always good to know what a life-threatening riptide looks like. While incumbents should be prepared, they’re always responding to customers’ unexpected events.

Proposal Heroes Not Needed

Proposal Heroes Not Needed

Proposal heroics should virtually never happen. If you’re the incumbent contractor, heaven forbid you wait for the RFP’s release before beginning your proposal preparation. This would be proposal malpractice, which with a little foresight and planning can be easily, and more successfully, avoided.

One Simple, Stupid, Secret to Raising Win Rates

One Simple Stupid Secret to Raise Win Rates

To raise B2B sales win rates, the one, simple, stupid secret is…well, it’s too obvious. And it’s much easier said than done.

Do Customers Think Your Sales Proposals Are Good?

Do Customers Think Your Sales Proposals Are Good?

Ask customers what they think about your sales proposals. It’s the only way to continuously improve your ability to win deals. But don’t forget there are secondary benefits as well.

What Species are B2B Clients?

Ask any group of B2B sales reps this question and at first there will be a stunned silence. Repeat the question and there may be one or two adventurous souls who offer a joke as an answer. But typically there’s only that empty void, that silence. So, what’s the answer?

The Invasion of the Cleaning Robots is Here – Resistance is Futile

Autonomous cleaning, while not as advanced as marketers would like to make out, is present in a very real way today. The cleaning industry can and should do as much as it can to bring about faster adoption.

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