Best of Revenue-IQ Articles 2020

Well, 2020 didn’t turn out like anyone expected.

Pre-pandemic, the world seemed more of the same but not so now. Nor in the coming months.

For Revenue-IQ, 2020 articles fell into two buckets; Account Retention (before the pandemic), and then the pandemic. So, this year’s “Best of” will relist them just like that.

Hoping 2021 will renew itself with hope, health, and new success – and that goes for you too 🙂

Account Retention

After the COVID-19 dust has settled and we’re all vaccinated and feeling pretty spry, we will feel better.

But you can hear facility service contractors say:

Hey, I’ve lost a few of my biggest accounts during the pandemic. I thought customers wouldn’t cancel at a time like this. What gives?

And of course, by then it’ll be too late. Even with pandemic pricing and profits, large service contracts are highly attractive to your competitors. Don’t wait to take action.

When does it Hurt Enough to Improve Account Retention?


The Single Solution to Account Retention


No One’s Job & Everyone’s Job

What’s the Point of Account Retention?


Technology-Hype warps Service Expectations

Technology-Hype warps Service Expectations

Oh Yeah, COVID Articles

In mid-2020 there was an innocent hope of a quick recovery from COVID-19. Obviously, that was not to be. And things are going to get much gloomier. These articles reflect that evolving sense.

Service Contractors Ride the Rapids

Service Contractors Ride the Rapids

6 New Normals of the Post-Pandemic


Runway to Reopen: What’s Yours?

Runway to Reopen

Information Overload: “When and How to Reopen”?

Information Overload: When & How to Reopen

Rebuilding Trust in the Built Environment

Rebuilding Trust in the Built Environment

Ask Me Nicely – Complying with COVID Measures in Commercial Buildings

Ask Me Nicely - Complying with COVID Measures in Commercial Buildings

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