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COVID-19 and variants are still here and worse than most expected. It’s obvious the pandemic is an ongoing catastrophe that has thrown future predictions out the window.

US deaths will soon reach 800,000 (796K as of today – December 15), with projections reaching 1M deaths in March of 2022. Today’s 7-day average for hospitalizations and ICU bed capacity are heading back up, and may reach the peaks of January and September of this year (2021).

Yet there’s good news too

Vaccination status has progressed to 61% of US population – that’s 202,504,037 people, and even 55,121,533 people have been boosted (27.2%). There’s still millions of people who are un-vaccinated and unfortunately they are less likely to be concerned about the health effects of the virus. This means herd immunity is out as a possible stop to SARS-CoV-2.

Other good news in 2021 is that:

Now, about business…

Life and business have a way of going on in the midst of Sturm und Drang (storm and stress), which the last few years qualify for. The following are my most popular articles of 2021 and reflect the nexus where life (read pandemic) and business intersect. At least I hope they do.

Most Popular Articles of 2021

Call it what it is: Healthy Cleaning

Call it what it is - Healthy Cleaning

Welcome to the Confusion Games

Welcome to the Confusion Games

Beware of Gorging on Component Brands

This article was reprinted with permission in ISSA Today Nov/Dec 2021 issue.

Beware Gorging on Component Brands

From the RFP Stack: How to Format Text-Only Responses

How To Format Text-Only Responses

Hourly Wages by Any Other Name

This was one of my favorite articles to write as it lists the many and varied wage types during what initially was a year of raising minimum wages to $15 per hour.

Hourly Wages by Any Other Name

Most Relevant Article from 2020

Rebuilding Trust in the Built Environment

The “Rebuilding Trust in the Built Environment” post was optimistic for a faster end of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has proven wrong. Yet the prescriptions for rebuilding occupants’ trust in the built environment are spot on correct. Even more so now, if that’s even possible.

Rebuilding Trust in the Built Environment

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