Animals of Facility Service Contracts

OK, facility service suppliers are not animals, nor are their customers. Just wanted to get that out of the way first.

With that said, when facility service suppliers grow in size they eventually start going after larger dollar contracts than they had before. And then the game changes. Click here to download a classification of facility service contracts by size (print size 17″ x 11″).

Customers buy services differently when the annual contract is $1,000,000 a year than when its $10,000 per year.

What got you here won’t get you there.

Marshall Goldsmith, executive leadership coach and author

Google ads, PPC, SEO, and push marketing no longer work by themselves as they may have done with smaller dollar contracts. Selling gets more complex as suppliers move up the food chain. Larger contracts need dedicated sales resources and deeper insights into buyer processes. Suppliers need sophisticated sales skills, proposals, and presentations.

Zoology of Facility Service Contracts

Zoology of Facility Service Contracts

Click on image to download (print size 17″ x 11″)

Stick with me here. The varying sizes (and sales challenges) of facility service contracts align with zoology and animals of corresponding sizes. Get it?

Here’s my attempt at classifying facility service contracts by size along with key considerations that change as contracts get larger. Click here to download, or on the image (print size 17″ x 11″).

Remember, these are generalizations and while most of them are correct most of the time, not all are correct all of the time.

Everything can be an exception. But, this does provide a growth roadmap for suppliers’ success. Understanding the lay of the land ahead is crucial to getting to it and thriving in it.

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