Best of Revenue-IQ Articles 2022

After another year we’re better, smarter, and more successful. That’s what we strive for anyway.

So, to keep commissions rising and promotions coming, these articles can help raise your professional skills. Best of luck in 2023.

8 FREE Sales Tools that Make a Difference

2023 Free Sales tools from Revenue-IQ

This year-end gift of 8 FREE sales tools that make a difference was for you, Revenue-IQ subscriber. As a result, it’s not a published web page but a special mailing.  If you’d like it sent to you again, email Chris Arlen ( with “Resend 8 Sales Tool Email” in the subject line.

Office 2022: Go With What’s Known

Go With Whats Known

Like sharks, businesses must move forward or perish. So it is with the commercial office market. Building owners and managers now have to move into the next phase after COVID-19. Click here to go to article.

C-Suite Talking Points for B2B Sales

ESG is fast becoming the next management cliche yet it holds a key to important conversations with the C-Suite. Click here to go to article.

Animals of Facility Service Contracts

It’s a zoo out there in the facility services contract industry. Here’s a look at sales criteria by contract size. Click here to go to article.

Monkeys to Whales: Balancing Conflicts within Proposal SystemsMonkeys to Whales

Writing sales proposals for facility service contracts varies by size of contract. Here are some considerations. Click here to go to article.

No Time for Waffling

No Time for Waffling

Us and goldfish; 8-9 second attention spans. Who’d have thought? So why waste customers’ limited time by writing meaningless cover letters and executive summaries in sales proposals? Click here to go to article.

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